Directors Update


Summer has come to an end with fall now approaching. The leaves will be changing and the landscape full of beautiful colors.

 The Board of Directors will be starting the Budget Meetings in October. These are open meetings to Members in good standing.

 October 12, 2019 State Representative Doyle Hefley will hold the General Town Hall Meeting here at the Teepee @ 9:00 am.

 We have a set tentative date of October 13, 2019 to lower the lake. Repairs will take about a week and then it will take about another week  to raise the lake to its normal level.

 If you are concerned about wildlife and you are not in any danger please do not call our security department. You may call the Game  Commission @ 570-675-1143.

 Lets all be thankful for our families and our friends as the holiday season is nearing. Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

October 2019